Brenda became interested in painting during her high school years. This, combined with an early desire to become a high school teacher, was when she knew she had found a career path that she wanted to pursue.  Brenda went on to study Physical and Health Education and Visual Arts at Brock University, before getting married and returning to St. Andrews West  in  Eastern Ontario, where she lives on an operational dairy farm that has been in the family for more than a century, with her husband of 31 years and their four children.

Over a span of almost two decades, she consistently had pieces in juried shows throughout Eastern Ontario and Northern New York. For Brenda, art has always been a deeply personal journal of the things that captured her attention, which is why her work tends to be focused on rural life, family life, and cottage life.

While her formal training at Brock was in oil and drawing, Brenda loves to experiment with different mediums. She taught herself watercolour and pastel techniques, which served her well as a high school art teacher. In the early 2000s, Brenda moved from the classroom to administration and found there weren’t enough hours in the day to express her creative energy in the form of art works. Her paintbrushes waited patiently for almost 20 years.

Now newly retired, Brenda has dusted off her brushes and started fresh, trading in her watercolour for acrylic and paper for canvas. Since she is still in a stage of exploration, some of her pieces still have a watercolour feel to them, but she is excited to be bringing some of her favourite subjects – farm, cottage, and family – to life on a larger scale.